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CISR Elite

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 It is now possible for CISRs to keep their commitment to continuing education and earn the highest recognition—CISR Elite.  By taking and passing nine CISR courses—in class or online, they will be honored with the prestigious new status. In addition to a well-rounded education, they will be publically recognized at a conferment ceremony and presented with a CISR Elite pin and a special certificate symbolizing their achievement.  The National Alliance will provide designees with a news release template and the CISR Elite logo so clients (and prospects) will know they have gone well beyond the minimum continuing education requirements.

Obtaining the status of CISR Elite is evidence of commitment to the agency, the client, and the participant’s personal growth.  Earning CISR Elite:
  • represents increased specialized knowledge
  • increases earning power
  • enhances professional status
  • creates more value for your agency or company
When the CISR Program was new there were only five courses to choose from to earn the designation.  Today, there are nine courses to choose from, allowing participants to focus on Commercial Lines or Personal Lines. In addition to the Personal Auto, Personal Residential, Commercial Property, Commercial Casualty, and Agency Operations courses, the new CISR courses are:
  • Commercial Casualty II – BAP, WC, Excess Liability
  • Personal Lines - Miscellaneous
  • Life & Health Essentials
  • Elements of Risk Management
It takes 5 passed courses to earn the CISR designation and now committed individuals can take it a step higher to earn CISR Elite.  By attending annual updates, a current CISR can earn update credit, state CE credit, and credit towards earning CISR Elite.
All CISR courses provide practical information about insurance policies and coverages that can be applied immediately.  Each is taught by a seasoned faculty member that has been vetted and approved by The National Alliance.  They assist participants in understanding every concept.  Even if taking the courses online, an online mentor is available to help candidates have the best possible learning experience.  For CISRs planning their future career paths, CISR Elite will offer a practical and distinguished choice