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Regarding the ABEN farm CE classes....2022

I do most of our farm policies here and still learned a lot from those classes, things I never even thought about.  I give it a 10!

Thank you

Deana Haeffelin

I learned some new things about the farm liability vs commercial liability in regards to how things are covered vs not covered that I hadn't known. I work a lot with our ranch accounts so I feel like this was a helpful class

Tasha Doornink

Regarding Big I Virtual University CE classes......2022

I have completed eight of the VU CE classes in the last few months.  They are all excellent.  Presented by one of the top instructors in the country.

Ken Hauck, CIC, ARM, Executive Vice President, AWIA

"I completed the video on demand Continuing Education, from the AWIA web-site.  Agents &  Brokers Education Network (ABEN), and their ethics class – Ethics and Business.  I found it to be thought provoking and it kept my interest the entire three hours.  Given our current circumstances of COVID I was looking for on-line ethics where there wasn't a proctor being required.  This fit the bill and I would recommend it to other agents. "  2020

Gary D. Bowers, CIC, CSRM, Past President, AWIA

"I completed the video on demand Continuing Education, from the AWIA web-site.  I used the Agents &  Brokers Education Network (ABEN),  and completed the four-part, one hour each, Environmental Strategies program.  Four hours of interesting material.  

I also  completed the Virtual University Condominium scheduled webinar one-hour class.  Very interesting information, even if you don't sell condo insurance, from one of the very best instructors in the nation."  2020

Ken Hauck, CIC, ARM, CPIA, Executive Vice President, AWIA