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Virtual University

What is the the Big "I" Virtual University (VU)?

The Big "I" Virtual University (VU) is an online resource offering access to insurance, business and technology articles; the 'Ask an Expert' service; many full sample ISO forms; white papers; recorded webcasts and information on issues affecting today's insurance marketplace. 
Think of the Virtual University as the knowledge bank of the Big "I." It's a members-only area of the Big "I" website with more than 17,000 articles that are technical in nature. You can log in with your Big "I" username and password and search the archives for answers to just about any coverage question.
What if you're stumped on a coverage issue and you don't know where to turn? That is where the Big "I" Ask an Expert service comes in.
Members can log into our website and post a question that will be fielded by VU staff, which is then pushed out to one or all of our 50 insurance industry experts and in usually less than an hour, a response is ready. There is no charge for this service, but we consider it a priceless member benefit. Find it online at

Ask An Expert
Members using the Big "I" University sometimes need answers to questions that they can't find in the Research Library. In such instances, we have a volunteer faculty of experts who can usually answer, or find an answer, to your questions.
Be sure to read the DISCLAIMER page to understand the questions that the experts are unable to address.
Ask an Expert is a Big "I" Members Only resource. 

If you are a Big "I" Member, sign in and ask your question or read your answer now!

 Watch the VU Summary Video