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Crump Life Insurance Services

Crump Life Insurance Services is brought to you by Crump Group.  With the Big “I” and Crump you have access to Crump’s relationships with multiple insurance carriers to provide you with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. With access to over two hundred insurance carriers, they closely partner with a subset of these carriers to offer a product suite with the depth necessary to meet almost any client need. With Crump you will have access to a full range of Life, Disability, Annuity and Critical Care products and a dedicated sales and case management team to assist you during the sale.

How to get considered:

  • Go to Big “I” Markets and go to “Offline Products” and select “Crump.”  Click on "Request a Quote" to begin the electronic record. This starts the Crump Registration process (Please note you are not actually requesting a quote)
  • Complete the information as requested on the Quote Request Wizard screen. ENTER YOUR AGENCY NAME & ADDRESS AS THE CLIENT, as you are actually the client in this case. Click Next.
  • Continue through the Quote Request Wizard Screen. On Underwriting Information: Step 4, print the Producer agreement.
  • On Confirmation: Step 5, click submit to confirm the quote request which will alert Crump of your interest.
  • Complete the Producer Agreement downloaded in the quote request process. Fax the producer agreement, proof of E&O coverage and your life accident and health license(s) to 717-703-4821.

What Happens Next?

Crump will review your Producer Agreement and contact you if additional clarification or information is needed. Once you have provided everything they require, you will be contacted via email with your Crump agent ID and password. Crump will also obtain all information necessary for your appointment to the appropriate carrier. 

Once you are in receipt of your log in information from Crump, you will be directed to complete an Anti-Money Laundering training program - which is available at no cost and online. Once you're set up, you will have access to all forms of individual life insurance, individual disability insurance, individual long-term care insurance and fixed annuities, as well as the planning expertise that accompany these product solutions 

About Crump/Crump

The Crump Life Insurance Services brand is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crump Group, Inc. Crump Group, Inc. is the largest wholesale insurance distributor in the United States and a leading provider of record keeping and support services to company-sponsored retirement plans.
Crump provides a total outsourced insurance distribution solution via select relationships in nontraditional channels. Through the first national, multi-carrier, employee-based point-of-sale platform, Crump provides enhanced sales, profitability and client retention.
Crump and our relationships with multiple insurance carriers provides you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. While Crump has access to over two-hundred insurance carriers, we closely partner with a subset of those carriers to bring to market a product suite with the depth and breadth necessary to meet almost any client need. Not being limited by products allows you to maintain objectivity while presenting a strategy to your client. In addition, it ensures that you and your client will receive the most competitive underwriting offers possible. With Crump, you will always be able to provide an appropriate product solution.
Our team can provide you with plan designs, analysis and product proposals. In addition, Advanced Markets draws liberally on the expertise and relationships of the advanced markets professionals at Crump's core carriers, together making the Crump brand an unsurpassed resource in the financial services industry.
Contact Christine Muñoz at 800-848-4401 or with questions.